Soothing Serenity aromatherapy & color therapy candle


This specially curated candle has combined the two scents of Bergamot and Jasmine essential oils which are known to help people increace peaceful thoughts and stress reduction..


Experience the enchanting “Soothing Serenity” Soy and Coconut Candle, a harmonious blend capturing the essence of tranquility. Immerse your space in the uplifting aroma of bergamot, its citrusy notes invoking a sense of vitality. Paired with the delicate allure of jasmine, this eco-friendly candle, crafted from soy and coconut waxes, promises a clean, enduring burn. Ignite “Soothing Serenity” to elevate your surroundings, inviting a serene atmosphere that lingers with the timeless appeal of bergamot and the soothing touch of jasmine.

This candle is decorated with lapis lazuli crystals which help with peaceful thoughts and removing negative energies.

The vibrant blue color is known to soothe and calm nerves.

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8 oz. Jar, 4 oz. Jar, 8 oz. Tin, 4 oz. Tin


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