Questions About Coaching

Common questions about our coaching services

Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

How long do coaching sessions last?
All of our sessions are 50 minutes long.

Are you certified life coaches??
YES! Between the two of us, we hold over 25 certifications in area such as Life Coaching, Happiness, Cognitive Behavioal Therapy, Integrated Wellness, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and many more.

Is what I say kept confidential?
Absolutely! We follow HIPPA laws and respect your privacy. Unless you say something that necessitates us following up with your local law enforcement agency what you say is protected and will not be shared unless you
have given us the authority to do so.

Will you coach couples?
We are not marriage or couples counselors, or therapists, but we will happily work with couples to achieve goals in regards to improving the dynamics within a household so that it maintains a high level of joy, compassion, and love.

Do you record our sessions?
No. We often times will write down notes or things mentioned so that we can address them at later times, but we do not keep an audio or visual recording of our client sessions.


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