Meet your Happiness Coaches

We are a married couple who specialize in life coaching, inspiring joy, improving relationships and helping families connect and grow.


We will be your guide to give you the tools, resources and skills to make a change. ​

Meet Jennifer Firestone

Jennifer has been working with people for almost 30 years. While working as a Social Worker she helped make every day in her client’s lives better than the previous one. She tirelessly worked to help her client’s enjoy each day and made sure that their interactions with her left them smiling and happy.

Using her Master’s in Elementary Education, she worked with parents and students ensuring that they were treated with dignity and respect. She spent hours creating experiences that would leave them with skills and tools to prepare them for life and all of its challenges.

Meet Mitch Firestone

He has spent the past 20-plus years in the field of education helping children and families to find the best way to learn, laugh and love together.

With his background in psychology as well as his Master’s in Educational Leadership, Mitch’s experience working with students of varying ages and exceptionalities, as well as their parents, makes him a compassionate and understanding coach and mentor.


A shared love of helping people and animals

For as long as we can remember, we have both always had a place in our hearts to help people  find the joy and happiness in every day. With a little TLC, everyone’s day can be a little bit brighter.

Jennifer & Mitch Firestone


Position: Gravity verifier and box inspector

Silly Silver may be Patchy’s big brother, but she keeps him in line. He can usually be found either conversing with the water dish or curled up in a box after checking its sides for durability.

Mr. Z

Position: Chief Bark Officer

Mr. Z, as is his street name, is our Service Dog. He is the goodest of boys and is always there to give licks and snuzzles when our frown needs to be turned upside down.


Position: Quality control and lap warmer

Princess Patchy as she is formally known is our lovable girl who announces her presence with authority and supervises all materials and supplies.  She can usually be found on one of our laps or yowling at whatever inanimate object is refusing to play with her.


Our Coaching Services

Many people have a number of concerns, but often there is a main underlying issue at hand. Perhaps you are stressed, upset in your career, or hoping to find a way to making better choices, setting goals or want to improve relationships with yourself and others.
We have thetraining and experience to help guide you towards making a positive change.


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