Crisp Surf aromatherapy & color therapy candle


This specially curated candle has combined the scents of Mandarin Orange, Sage, & driftwood essential oils which are known to help people increase their stress relief, relaxation and spiritual growth.


Embark on a sensory journey with our “Crisp Surf” Soy and Coconut Candle. Immerse your space in the uplifting energy of mandarin orange, where its zesty notes dance in harmony with the earthy wisdom of sage. The fragrance deepens with the subtle, grounding essence of driftwood, creating a serene escape. Meticulously crafted with soy and coconut waxes, this eco-friendly blend promises a clean, enduring burn. Illuminate your moments with the invigorating aura of “Crisp Surf,” embracing the perfect fusion of freshness and tranquility.

The candle is adorned with garnet crystals which help with positive thinkning, determination and vigor.

The vibrant green color helps with stress relief, realxation and spiritual growth.

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8 oz. Jar, 4 oz. Jar, 8 oz. Tin, 4 oz. Tin


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