Bonfire aromatherapy & color therapy candle


This specially curated candle has combined the scents of Saffron, Clover and Sandalwood essential oils which are known to help people increase their relaxation, & elevate their moods.


Blended together to relax and elevate your mood, our Bonfire candle is our unique mix of Saffron, Clove and Sandalwood essential oils.

Unveil the opulence of our “Bonfire” Soy and Coconut Candle. Carefully curated with eco-friendly soy and coconut waxes, this blend artfully combines the exotic notes of saffron, the spicy richness of clove, and the grounding allure of sandalwood essential oils.

Experience the warmth and sophistication as this luxurious fusion creates a clean, enduring burn. Illuminate your space with the inviting and intricate fragrance of “Campfire,” turning every moment into a sensory journey of elegance and spice.

The candle is embellished with aventurine crystals which are known for prosperity, confidence and luck.

The warm orange color helps to encourage optimism and hapinesss.


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8 Oz. Jar, 4 oz. Jar, 8 oz. Tin, 4 oz. Tin


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